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Endorsed by the United World Wrestling Women & Sport Commission, the projects and programs developed in this area seek to increase opportunities for female wrestlers who wish to succeed in the sport of wrestling.

We thrive to promote gender equality in and through wrestling and create a safe environment for girls and women practicing wrestling at all levels. With this in mind, special funding for female coaches and wrestlers are provided. Quota for female referees and women working in key admin positions are also used.

United World Wrestling Women & Sport Commission

Women in wrestling forum 2019

Women in Wrestling Global Forum

In its continued support for the IOC 2020 agenda and aimed at reaching gender equality in the sport of wrestling, United World Wrestling organises the Women in Wrestling Global Forum under the leadership of the UWW Women & Sport Commission and with the support of United World Wrestling President Mr Nenad Lalovic.
The Women in Wrestling Global Forum includes seminars, workshops and practical sessions for women and men engaged in the sport of wrestling and pursuing the advancement of gender issues and the inclusion of girls/women in the sport of wrestling. Its aim is to empower women and men working and promoting women wrestling in their communities, countries and worldwide.

This forum intends to provide a learning platform for women and men in wrestling to network, exchange knowledge, ideas to engage and inspire other women through personal projects. It is a platform conceived as to positively influence thoughts and perceptions, while creating more opportunities for women working in the sport of wrestling who take up leadership positions and actively contribute to narrowing the gender gap.

Women in wrestling forum 2019_2

  • Women in Wrestling Global Forum, 17-20 November 2017, Mexico City
  • Women in Wrestling Global Forum, 24 -28 November 2019, Istanbul

The electoral process, female leaderships, sports development, refereeing, coaching and mentoring female athletes, media training and much more key topics were discussed in the forum held from the 24th to the 28th of November in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Women Lead Sports Master Program (virtual), 29 November & 6 December 2021

The core aim of the 2021 program is to help women and supportive men in sports to lead, to get better results in their organizations, and to increase influence. The program is backed up by a successful track record (over a decade, updated to today's reality) – taught by experts and it includes strategies that really work.
The objectives of the Women Lead Sports Master Program are:
• To learn effective leadership strategies, techniques, and applicable tactics that work today. 
• To empower participants to shape the future of Wrestling as a global sport.
• To coach women to get elected, promoted, or nominated as leaders.
• To increase a diverse talent pool in leadership within UWW at all levels.
• The program has been adapted to the new normality in Post-Covid reality.
• To add concrete value in a unique training online experience and empower women leaders in every latitude who want to step up and lead.
Due to the COVID situation, the 2021 program took the virtual format, 42 women and men from 27 countries participated in this program.

Since 2017,over 120 female leaders in wrestling across the globe participated in these events.


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