Lopez Stops Makhov to Meet Kayaalp in Title Rematch

By William May

TASHKENT (September 13) – Mijian LOPEZ NUNEZ (CUB) won the battle of former Greco-Roman and freestyle world champs and will meet Riza KAYAALP (TUR) for the super heavyweight crown Saturday evening at the wrestling World Championship.

Four-time world champion Lopez rolled three-time freestyle world champ Beylal MAKHOV (RUS) over with a gut wrench in their semifinal match and made it stand for a 1-0 win at the Gymnastics Palace.

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JmxmHrVap0

With the win, Lopez earns a place opposite Kayaalp in the 130kg championship bout – a repeat of their 2011 meeting in Istanbul won by Kayaalp.

Meanwhile, world and Olympic champion Omid NOROOZI (IRI) forced European champ Tamas LORINCZ (HUN) out of bounds three times in the second period of their semifinal match for a 4-1 win and a chance to win a second world title.

In the other semifinal, Davor STEFANEK (SRB) stepped to the side of a lift attempt by 2010 world champion Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) for a takedown and added a bodylock takedown for a 5-3 win and his first trip to a world championship final in eight tries.

At 80kg, European champion Peter BACSI (HUN) meets Evgeni SALEEV (RUS), who bear-hugged two-time world champion Selcuk CEBI (TUR) for a four-point takedown and held on for a 4-0 win in the semifinals.

In earlier bouts, Lorincz won the battle of European champions over Adam KURAK (RUS), 6-1, with a front-headlock and tilt and then a reverse waistlock and lift in the round of 16.

In Makhov’s opening bout, Arata SONODA (JPN) greeted the freestyle world champion with a slick headlock that had Makhov fighting off his back for nearly one minute. Eventually, Makhov recovered to turn the tables and pin Sonoda in 2:16.


GOLD: Davor STEFANEK (SRB) df. Omid Haji NOROOZI (IRI), 7-3

Semifinal: Davor STEFANEK (SRB) df. Hasan ALIYEV (AZE), 5-3  
Semifinal: Omid Haji NOROOZI (IRI) df. Tamas LORINCZ (HUN), 4-1  

Repechage: Edgaras VENCKAITIS (LTU) df. Ersa SU (CHN), 4-1  
Repechage: Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Konstantin Ivanovich STAS (BUL), 4-1  
Repechage: Ersa SU (CHN) df. Hugo Miguel DA (POR), 2-1  
Repechage: Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Davide CASCAVILLA (ITA) by TF, 10-0  

Quarterfinal: Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Revaz LASHKHI (GEO), 5-0  
Quarterfinal: Davor STEFANEK (SRB) df. Edgaras VENCKAITIS (LTU), 4-3  
Quarterfinal: Omid Haji NOROOZI (IRI) df. Konstantin Ivanovich STAS (BUL), 3-2  
Quarterfinal: Tamas LORINCZ (HUN) df. Mihran HARUTYUNYAN (ARM), 6-4  

1/8: Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Hideyuki OTOIZUMI (JPN), 6-0  
1/8: Edgaras VENCKAITIS (LTU) df. Istvan LEVAI (SVK), 6-5  
1/8: Tamas LORINCZ (HUN) df. Adam KURAK (RUS), 6-2  
1/8: Revaz LASHKHI (GEO) df. Denys DEMYANKOV (UKR), 4-0  
1/8: Konstantin Ivanovich STAS (BUL) df. Yaraslau KARDASH (BLR), 14-12  
1/8: Mihran HARUTYUNYAN (ARM) df. Atakan YUKSEL (TUR), 7-1  
1/8: Davor STEFANEK (SRB) df. Ersa SU (CHN) by DQ, 7-0  
1/8: Omid Haji NOROOZI (IRI) df. Frank STAEBLER (GER), 4-3

1/16: Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Sandeep Tulsi YADAV (IND), 6-5  
1/16: Denys DEMYANKOV (UKR) df. Benedikt PUFFER (AUT), 7-4  
1/16: Istvan LEVAI (SVK) df. Georgian CARPEN (ROU), 5-4  
1/16: Konstantin Ivanovich STAS (BUL) df. Aibek YENSEKHANOV (KAZ), 5-3  
1/16: Tamas LORINCZ (HUN) df. Artak MARGARYAN (FRA) by TF, 9-0  
1/16: Mihran HARUTYUNYAN (ARM) df. Ove Mathias GUENTHER (SWE) by TF, 8-0  
1/16: Hideyuki OTOIZUMI (JPN) df. Donior ISLAMOV (MDA) by DQ, 2-0  
1/16: Ersa SU (CHN) df. Didar AMANNAZAROV (TKM) by TF, 8-0  
1/16: Edgaras VENCKAITIS (LTU) df. Dominik ETLINGER (CRO), 3-3  
1/16: Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Atai KOICHUKULOV (KGZ), 4-0  
1/16: Adam KURAK (RUS) df. Ismael NAVARRO (ESP) by TF, 9-0  
1/16: Revaz LASHKHI (GEO) df. Bryce Lee SADDORIS (USA), 1-0  
1/16: Davor STEFANEK (SRB) df. Hugo Miguel DA (POR) by TF, 8-0  
1/16: Yaraslau KARDASH (BLR) df. Grzegorz WANKE (POL), 7-1  
1/16: Omid Haji NOROOZI (IRI) df. Davide CASCAVILLA (ITA) by TF, 8-0  
1/16: Atakan YUKSEL (TUR) df. Sang Hun OH (KOR), 4-0  

Qualification: Sandeep Tulsi YADAV (IND) df. Matous MORBITZER (CZE), 5-2  
Qualification: Donior ISLAMOV (MDA) df. Marius Blomstadli THOMMESEN (NOR), 7-5  
Qualification: Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Tero Seppo VALIMAKI (FIN), 4-0  
Qualification: Bryce Lee SADDORIS (USA) df. Loiqi AMIRKHONZODA (TJK) by FALL, 6-2  
Qualification: Hideyuki OTOIZUMI (JPN) df. Fredrik Holmquist BJERREHUUS (DEN), 5-0  
Qualification: Revaz LASHKHI (GEO) df. Bobirbek ZAYLOBIDINOV (UZB), 5-0  


GOLD: Peter BACSI (HUN) df. Evgeny SALEEV (RUS), 2-1
BRONZE: Jim Eric Filip PETTERSSON (SWE) df. Tadeusz MICHALIK (POL), 4-0
BRONZE: Selcuk CEBI (TUR) df. Bozo STARCEVIC (CRO), 1-0

Semifinal: Peter BACSI (HUN) df. Tadeusz MICHALIK (POL) by TF, 10-2  
Semifinal: Evgeny SALEEV (RUS) df. Selcuk CEBI (TUR), 4-0  

Repechage: Bozo STARCEVIC (CRO) df. Harpreet SINGH (IND), 5-0  
Repechage: Jim Eric Filip PETTERSSON (SWE) df. Aleksandr KAZAKEVIC (LTU), 1-0  
Repechage: Harpreet SINGH (IND) df. Jonas BOSSERT (SUI), 6-1  
Repechage: Jim Eric Filip PETTERSSON (SWE) df. Firdaus ROFIEV (TJK) by TF, 9-1 

Quarterfinal: Tadeusz MICHALIK (POL) df. Junehyoung KIM (KOR), 1-0  
Quarterfinal: Peter BACSI (HUN) df. Aleksandr KAZAKEVIC (LTU), 4-0  
Quarterfinal: Evgeny SALEEV (RUS) df. Bozo STARCEVIC (CRO) by TF, 8-0  
Quarterfinal: Selcuk CEBI (TUR) df. Habibollah Jomeh AKHLAGHI (IRI), 2-1

1/8: Peter BACSI (HUN) df. Jim Eric Filip PETTERSSON (SWE), 6-3  
1/8: Evgeny SALEEV (RUS) df. Jonas BOSSERT (SUI) by TF, 9-0  
1/8: Junehyoung KIM (KOR) df. Mohamed Skander MISSAOUI (TUN), 2-1  
1/8: Aleksandr KAZAKEVIC (LTU) df. Emin AHMADOV (AZE), 2-0  
1/8: Habibollah Jomeh AKHLAGHI (IRI) df. Nikolaos VARKAS (GRE), 5-0  
1/8: Tadeusz MICHALIK (POL) df. Oleksandr SHYSHMAN (UKR), 4-0  
1/8: Bozo STARCEVIC (CRO) df. Pascal EISELE (GER), 4-3  
1/8: Selcuk CEBI (TUR) df. Daniel Tihomirov ALEKSANDROV (BUL), 3-1  

Qualification: Mohamed Skander MISSAOUI (TUN) df. Masato SUMI (JPN) by TF, 10-0  
Qualification: Jim Eric Filip PETTERSSON (SWE) df. Michael WAGNER (AUT), 7-2  
Qualification: Aleksandr KAZAKEVIC (LTU) df. Petar BALO (SRB), 5-0  
Qualification: Jonas BOSSERT (SUI) df. Josef Patrick RAU (USA) by FALL, 6-5  
Qualification: Oleksandr SHYSHMAN (UKR) df. Pavel POWADA (CZE) by TF, 9-0  
Qualification: Peter BACSI (HUN) df. Firdaus ROFIEV (TJK) by FALL, 8-0  
Qualification: Bozo STARCEVIC (CRO) df. Viktar SASUNOUSKI (BLR), 3-0  
Qualification: Evgeny SALEEV (RUS) df. Harpreet SINGH (IND) by TF, 8-0  
Qualification: Junehyoung KIM (KOR) df. Hrach HOVHANNISYAN (ARM), 2-2  
Qualification: Tadeusz MICHALIK (POL) df. Aisha AISHAN (CHN), 2-0  
Qualification: Emin AHMADOV (AZE) df. Rustam SULTANOV (UZB), 5-2  
Qualification: Pascal EISELE (GER) df. Giorgi TSIREKIDZE (GEO) by FALL, 10-6  
Qualification: Habibollah Jomeh AKHLAGHI (IRI) df. Azamat KUSTUBAYEV (KAZ), 3-2  


GOLD: Mijain LOPEZ (CUB) df. Riza KAYAALP (TUR), 2-0
BRONZE: Bilial MAKHOV (RUS) df. Eduard POPP (GER) by TF, 9-0
BRONZE: Heiki NABI (EST) df. Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL), 1-0 

Semifinal: Mijain LOPEZ (CUB) df. Bilial MAKHOV (RUS), 1-0  
Semifinal: Riza KAYAALP (TUR) df. Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) by FALL, 4-0  

Repechage: Heiki NABI (EST) df. Balint LAM (HUN), 3-1  
Repechage: Eduard POPP (GER) df. Murodjon TUYCHIEV (TJK) by TF, 8-0

Quarterfinal: Mijain LOPEZ (CUB) df. Behram MEHDIZADEH (IRI) by DQ, 6-0  
Quarterfinal: Bilial MAKHOV (RUS) df. Johan Magnus EUREN (SWE), 2-1  
Quarterfinal: Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) df. Robert Timothy David SMITH (USA) by TF, 9-0  
Quarterfinal: Riza KAYAALP (TUR) df. Heiki NABI (EST), 4-0 

1/8: Behram MEHDIZADEH (IRI) df. Nurmakhan TINALIYEV (KAZ), 1-0  
1/8: Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) df. Qiang MENG (CHN), 5-5  
1/8: Heiki NABI (EST) df. Kiryl HRYSHCHANKA (BLR), 4-0  
1/8: Bilial MAKHOV (RUS) df. Iakobi KAJAIA (GEO) by FALL, 10-2  
1/8: Robert Timothy David SMITH (USA) df. Jongwon HWANG (KOR), 8-2  
1/8: Mijain LOPEZ (CUB) df. Eduard POPP (GER) by TF, 8-0  
1/8: Johan Magnus EUREN (SWE) df. Sabah SHARIATI (AZE), 2-2  
1/8: Riza KAYAALP (TUR) df. Balint LAM (HUN), 4-0

Qualification: Nurmakhan TINALIYEV (KAZ) df. Dharmender DALAL (IND) by DQ, 6-0  
Qualification: Iakobi KAJAIA (GEO) df. Abrorbek MAMASOLIEV (UZB), 10-3  
Qualification: Eduard POPP (GER) df. Vachik YEGHIAZARYAN (ARM) by TF, 8-0  
Qualification: Behram MEHDIZADEH (IRI) df. Oleksandr CHERNETSKYY (UKR), 2-1  
Qualification: Johan Magnus EUREN (SWE) df. Mindaugas MIZGAITIS (LTU), 1-0  
Qualification: Mijain LOPEZ (CUB) df. Murodjon TUYCHIEV (TJK) by TF, 10-2  
Qualification: Bilial MAKHOV (RUS) df. Arata SONODA (JPN) by FALL, 5-4