Cadet World C'ships Day 2 News & Notes

By Richard Immel



To navigate the event page please use the tabs shown below the banner. Results/Video tab is updated every 10-15 minutes with new results and archived videos linked for immediate viewing. The lists also contain designated mats so you can follow your favorite wrestler and never miss a match.



10:30 – Qualification rounds GR (42-46-69-76-85kg)

10:30 – Repechage GR (50-54-58-63-100kg)

17:30 – Semi Final GR (42-46-69-76-85kg)

18:00 – Finals GR (50-54-58-63-100kg)



Iran Books Two Finalists, Aliyev and Doev Shine To Adjourn Greco-Roman Day One

Russia, Iran Push Three To Greco-Roman Semis To Open Cadet World C'ships



50kg (25 entries)

Gold – Zaur ALIYEV (AZE) vs. Ken MATSUI (JPN)


Semifinal – Zaur ALIYEV (AZE) df. Hayk ASATRYAN (ARM) by VSU1, 10-2

Semifinal – Ken MATSUI (JPN) df. Vladimir ZABEYVOROTA (RUS) by VPO1, 3-2


Quarterfinal – Hayk ASATRYAN (ARM) df. Kamil Aleksander CZARNECKI (POL) by VFA, 2-6 

Quarterfinal – Vladimir ZABEYVOROTA (RUS) df. Lucas James BYRD (USA) by VPO1, 6-4 

Quarterfinal – Zaur ALIYEV (AZE) df. Niklas Jan Olov Pontus OEHLEN (SWE) by VPO1, 2-1 

Quarterfinal – Ken MATSUI (JPN) df. Manuel STOICA (ROU) by VSU1, 9-1


54kg (20 entries)

Gold – Nursultan BAZARBAYEV (KAZ) vs. German DOEV (RUS)


Semifinal – Nursultan BAZARBAYEV (KAZ) df. Aliaksandr PECHURENKA (BLR) by VFA, 3:28

Semifinal – German DOEV (RUS) df. Beka GURULI (GEO) by VSU, 9-0


Quarterfinal – German DOEV (RUS) df. Miguel Angel UGALDE AGUILAR (MEX) by VSU, 8-0 

Quarterfinal – Nursultan BAZARBAYEV (KAZ) df. Sunao SHIMAYA (JPN) by VPO1, 6-2 

Quarterfinal – Beka GURULI (GEO) df. Ridge Thomas LOVETT (USA) by VPO1, 12-8 

Quarterfinal – Aliaksandr PECHURENKA (BLR) df. Asgar ALIZADA (AZE) by VSU1, 11-2


58kg (27 entries)

Gold – Mohsen Fathollah MADHANI (IRI) vs. Sonu SONU (IND)


Semifinal – Mohsen Fathollah MADHANI (IRI) df. Kosei TAKESHITA (JPN) by VSU1, 11-2

Semifinal – Sonu SONU (IND) df. Samuel BELLSCHEIDT (GER) by VPO1, 3-1


Quarterfinal – Samuel BELLSCHEIDT (GER) df. Adilet SISSEMBAYEV (KAZ) by VPO1, 5-4 

Quarterfinal – Mohsen Fathollah MADHANI (IRI) df. Maxim CANTER (MDA) by VSU, 8-0 

Quarterfinal – Sonu SONU (IND) df. Giorgi SHOTADZE (GEO) by VPO1, 4-2 

Quarterfinal – Kosei TAKESHITA (JPN) df. Maksym LIU (UKR) by VPO, 2-0 


63kg (27 entries)

Gold – Dmytro MIROSHNYK (UKR) vs. Mostafa KAYED KHORDEH (IRI)


Semifinal – Dmytro MIROSHNYK (UKR) df. Artem EROKHIN (RUS) by VPO1, 1-1

Semifinal – Mostafa KAYED KHORDEH (IRI) df. Otar ABULADZE (GEO) by VPO1, 4-2


Quarterfinal – Artem EROKHIN (RUS) df. Shant KHACHATRYAN (ARM) by VPO1, 4-3 

Quarterfinal – Mostafa KAYED KHORDEH (IRI) df. Rakhat SAGYMBAY (KAZ) by VSU, 8-0 

Quarterfinal – Dmytro MIROSHNYK (UKR) df. Nikalas Petrov SULEV (BUL) by VPO, 3-0 

Quarterfinal – Otar ABULADZE (GEO) df. Diego Alberto MARTINEZ DE LEIJA (MEX) by VPO, 5-0 


100kg (21 entries)

Gold – Cohlton SCHULTZ (USA) vs. Balint VATZI (HUN)


Semifinal – Cohlton SCHULTZ (USA) df. Seyedmojtaba Seyedmostafa HOSSEINI (IRI) by VPO, 1-0

Semifinal – Balint VATZI (HUN) df. Ciprian Ilie TRUFAN (ROU) by VPO1, 3-1


Quarterfinal – Seyedmojtaba Seyedmostafa HOSSEINI (IRI) df. Mehmet ATCI (TUR) by VPO1, 2-1 

Quarterfinal – Ciprian Ilie TRUFAN (ROU) df. Sarkhan MAMMADOV (AZE) by VPO1, 3-1 

Quarterfinal – Cohlton Michael SCHULTZ (USA) df. Kantemir SHIBZUKHOV (RUS) by VFA, 5-3 

Quarterfinal – Balint VATZI (HUN) df. Oleksandr YEVDOKIMOV (UKR) by VSU, 8-0