British Wrestling Association Hosts Two-Day Referee Conference

By United World Wrestling Press

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom – The British Wrestling Association (BWA) recently hosted an inaugural Referee Conference in Manchester, UK on April 9-10. This seminar was done in conjunction with the UWW Development Department and conducted by Mr. Carlos Garcia (ESP). The course had 16 participants from the BWA and included four current UWW referees and 12 national referees, with four of them being new. 

“With some of our UWW Officials seeking upgrades in the near future, the conference provided a fantastic opportunity to learn from Carlos Garcia who was a key feature in making the whole weekend a success. The conference was incredibly well received by our officials, and it is our intention to make this an annual activity following UWW's annual publication of rule changes," said Craig Anthony, CEO of the British Wrestling Association.

GBRParticipants of the British Wrestling Association's (BWA) two-day course go through a practical training session. (Photo: David Morgan)

The goal of the course was to provide training on the new rules and focus on some of the more challenging areas for referees. The referees participated in theoretical and practical sessions during the two-day course that included the work in the following areas:  the new 2022 rule changes, takedown and control, out of bound situations, risk vs no risk, passivity, fleeing the mat/hold, referee mechanics, positioning during a bout, and mat chairman responsibilities.

“All participants showed great interest and commitment during the course. They asked many great questions and collaborated with the other participants.  All in all, it was very pleasant to work with them” said Carlos Garcia.

"British Wrestling's inaugural Referee Conference was an important step in our continued growth and efforts to build back better from the Coronavirus pandemic. After such a long time off the mat for many of our domestic referees, it was important for us to schedule an update on rule changes as well as to continue their development and raise officiating standards as a key part of the competition experience,” said Craig Anthony.  This seminar is part of their 2021-'25 strategic plan to “Develop the wrestling workforce to deliver the best combat sport experience in the UK.” 

This is just one of the many activities that have helped BWA grow over the past few years. “Since British Wrestling started its new strategic plan 2021-'25, everybody seems to be fully committed to further developing wrestling in the UK.  And you can see it and feel it in the way everybody performs and collaborates with the same goal:  compete at the highest level,” said Carlos Garcia.

Photos were taken by David Morgan (On the Mat | Flickr/On The Mat (@onthematuk) • Instagram)


United World Wrestling continues to spread wrestling in Ocean Indian

By United World Wrestling Press

MORONI, Comoros (July 27) --- From 17th to 23 July 2022, United World wrestling deliver a level 1 coaching course through the support of Olympic Solidarity.

This course was delivered by Vincent AKA, United World Wrestling development officer. During this week, they were theoretical and practical of wrestling. To raise the technical level in wrestling, the emphasis was placed every morning and afternoon on the acquisition of basic techniques in Olympic wrestling on the mat.

This was an opportunity to discuss the ratings of wrestling techniques. This allowed the referees to make clarification on the knowledge of the points of the regulations relating to the situation of standing wrestling and wrestling on the ground.

To use all the key points to grow wrestling, it appears with the beautiful beaches in Comoros that to achieve the development of wrestling the interest of all clubs and wrestlers to use beach wrestling to contribute to a more exciting activity and promote wrestling by using the Beach.

Also, to start the process, during the course, while using Olympic style, the development officer proposes to use Beach Wrestling, which will be an opportunity to progress on growing wrestling in the whole Comoros.  from then on, the whole day of Wednesday was devoted to beach wrestling. This day was amazing as people on the beach join the participants and enjoy the activities.

That makes the President of the National Federation Mr. Abdallah and Mr. PAPA, Technical Director of the NOC said that: ``We have funded the key to promote and grow wrestling in Comoros”. We are going to use it Sundays when everybody comes to the Beach.

United World Wrestling continues its momentum to develop wrestling in the Indian ocean. Given the situation of the young Comorian Federation of Associated Wrestling, the development department under the leadership of Mrs. Deqa Niamkey has judged to send to the Comoros, Vincent AKA, Development Officer to provide real support to this young federation. By using the Olympic Solidarity course, United world wrestling create all the possibilities to use all stones on which to base the future development of wrestling in the Comoros.

Smaller federations will get special attention as the United World Wrestling does its utmost to create the conditions for wrestlers and federations to flourish. United World Wrestling will continue to partner with officials and organizations dedicated to the development of wrestling

United World Wrestling is determined through the new strategy led by President Nenad Lalovic to support the smaller federations to improve the development of wrestling in all regions of the world. Through its actions in the field, the development department remains the armed wing of the implementation of this vision.

United World Wrestling remains committed to spreading and growing wrestling in the world.